Santa Fe Storywheel

Exclusive to Santa Fe Storywheels and John Rippel U.S.A., The Santa Fe wheel is made of solid sterling silver with 2 turquoise cabachons.  "Santa Fe" is set along the edge of the Storywheel with the turquoise separating the 2 sides.  The center of the wheel is a Zia symbol, honoring the 4 directions of the sun and is the insignia of the state of New Mexico. The 4.5mm opening fits most bracelets.



Wonderful selection of both 14K gold and sterling silver Storywheels, as well as larger, 5.5mm beads in sterling and gold. Among the Storywheels we carry are the gold and diamond wheels designed by Nancy Brown. Santa Fe Storywheels is located within John Rippel U.S.A., just off the Plaza, and outside of the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM. Storywheels is part of a family owned business that has been in operation for over 4 generations. Only real gemstones are used. Many wheels, or beads, that were created after Storywheels have the same 4.5mm opening and are compatible. Full Storywheel collection online at

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