Ammolite and Padparashad Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring

This brilliant, luminous and iridescent 24 carat Ammolite is exquisitely set in sterling silver by artist Andi Callahan.  Surrounding the ammolite are hand forged sterling silver rivets and 3 padparashad sapphires. The shank of the ring adds another level of interest with bands of texture.



Since 1985, New Mexican Andi Callahan has worked in the arts. An accomplished, self-taught jeweler with a background in Raku and fused glass, you can easily see the synergy between the media in her rings, bracelets and earrings. With color being her primary motivation, her jewelry incorporates opals, Brazilian agate druses, and spectacular freeform and semiprecious stones. Andi works primarily in fine silver and sterling silver with 22K gold accents.

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