Leggy Spider Pin in Turquoise and Coral

SOLD Playful design and structure.  Navajo artist Herbert Ration continues his creative Insect Pin series with this long legged Spider composed of stamped sterling silver with a turquoise body and head. Can also be worn as a pendant. Measures 2" long by 1.5" wide. For the Navajo people, Spider Woman  is honored as a constant helper and benefactor who gave them the art of weaving.  For protection and restoring harmony.



Navajo artist and silversmith Herbert Ration creates both traditional and contemporary designs including his distinctive and colorful kachina necklaces and bug pins. Originally from Crownpoint, NM, Ration has been designing for over 40 years, learning his craft from his grandfather, Jimmy Ration. Herbert's designs are expressive in their use of colorful stones and sterling stamp work, adding personality to his works.

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