Twisted curved wire, Flower Pressed Fine Silver Disks with Turquoise and Citrine

Dangling freely from twisted sterling silver wires, fine silver disks imprinted with a loose floral pattern and turquoise beads catch the light beautifully.  A small disk of citrine just beneath the turquoise adds an extra glow of warmth.



For over 25 years, Doris King has been working as a studio jeweler and metalsmith. She is a pioneer of Precious Metal Clay – a process by which clay is impregnated with fine silver, allowing the artist to sculpt organic forms and fire out the clay to reveal unique silver pieces.


Doris’s one-of-a-kind works and limited edition series are hand fabricated and sculpted; fluid and interpretive. She approaches metals with a painterly style, weaving together texture and color.  In sterling and fine silver she begins building shape and form, then embellishing with stones, high karat gold, and found objects: Color and texture, a bit of the unexpected, and a story that invites inquiry.

belt straps
belt straps