Quartz in Quartz Fine Silver and Gold Ring

The dazzling design combination of Quartz, 24K gold and sterling, gives a brilliance to this ring like no other.  The 24K gold, set beneath the Quartz, magnifies its inherent crystal architecture.  The sterling "waves" surrounding the gemstone echo its prisms.  Three small Turquoise cabochons on each side of the shank add a balance of opaque, blue density.



For over 25 years, Doris King has been working as a studio jeweler and metalsmith. She is a pioneer of Precious Metal Clay – a process by which clay is impregnated with fine silver, allowing the artist to sculpt organic forms and fire out the clay to reveal unique silver pieces.


Doris’s one-of-a-kind works and limited edition series are hand fabricated and sculpted; fluid and interpretive. She approaches metals with a painterly style, weaving together texture and color.  In sterling and fine silver she begins building shape and form, then embellishing with stones, high karat gold, and found objects: Color and texture, a bit of the unexpected, and a story that invites inquiry.

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